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Technical Notes...

Copyright Notice

These pictures are the property of the photographer. In most cases that means Mark or Andrea. Just becasue they are published on the Internet does not mean they are free for your use. You may not copy, edit, reuse, republish, redistribute, or embed these images, in whole or in part, in any other document, publication, webpage or application - without our permission. (This is true for all pictures on all web pages unless they say otherwise, whether or not you see a copyright notice, almost everywhere in the world.)

The Cameras

Most of these pictures were taken using a Canon A80 4MP digital camera.

We have a 512MB compact flash and I had my laptop with me for the trip. I use two sets of 4 AA rechargable batteries, though I kept forgetting to recharge and running out! We took over 1300 pictures in total, these are just the best ones (according to Andrea).

The highspeed shots (especially the zoo ones) were taken by setting the shutter speed manually, digital cameras tend to prefer slower shutter speeds for some reason.

Some of the pictures (you can tell which ones from the file name YY-MM-DD_nn.jpg) were taken with a Sharp v902 3G 2MP phone.

The Pictures

I've reduced all of the images for the web to 1024 pixels maximum width/height, using the Windows "Reszier Pictures" plugin (from Microsoft downloads). The originals are 2272 x 1704. If you want to print a picture, please contact me for the orignial. Provide the file name or picture number and I will email it. It will look much better!

The Webpage

Andrea sorted and retouched / cropped / balanced the pictures using Paintshop Pro.

I then resized them, copied them into "th" subdirectories and resized them again to make the thumbnails. Then I listed the files alphabetically piped to an html file in each directory and used a text editor to create the <img> and link tags.

The rest is done using Server Side Includes (SSI), in fact the index.shtml in each directory is a copy of the same file, it just includes the local picture index. Complicated, but at least I didn't type every img and link tag manually! The table of contents on the right of every page is another include, as is the (invisible) header section of each page.

The pictures are laid out into what looks like a table (but isn't) using CSS.

The webserver is Apache, we are hosted on I had to download and set up my own copy of Apache HTTPD server to test this whole setup, but it was fun, nothing else happening last weekend.

I've used software packages to do all this stuff for me in the past, but I've never had the level of control I'd like. What I want is to play with the a html template and CSS so I have full control of the page layout, and can include my own menus etc. I'm open to suggestions if you know of a good package.

Thanks for reading,