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Down Patrick Head - August 18th, 1998

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Waves crashing into the shore line at Down Patrick's Head, Co. Mayo's North Coast.
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Some rock pools left by retreating tide.
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Sea anemones (?) in one of the rock pools.
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Mark and Andrea sitting by a cliff face.
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The sheep eye Andrea suspiciously,
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The Stack, or "Dun Briste" (Broken Stone), once a habited part of the mainland!
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An Irish sheep contemplates the edge of the world.
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The Cliffs, as seen form another cliff.
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The view from above looking stright down.
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The Statue of St. Patrick. (Used to be an old cracked one up there, it must have fallen down.)
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A less suspicious sheep comtemplates dinner.
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The Mayo Coastline, as seen from a cliff probably.
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The Ceide Fields Visitors Centre. The site of a Neolithic settlement.
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Andrea beside Pontoon Bride, Pontoon, Co. Mayo.
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Mark and Andrea on rocks at Down Patrick's Head.